Peer-reviewed articles (* high school/undergraduate author)


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Articles in preparation

  1. Haelewaters D, Howe AG, Meyling NV, Ravn HP, Roy HE, Tragust S, Ceryngier P. Pathogens of the globally invasive Harmonia axyridis (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae): current status and perspectives.
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Miscellaneous publications, not peer-reviewed

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Taxonomic novelties

Genera (1)

Rommelaarsia Baral & Haelew. (2015)

Species (13)

Bordea denotata Haelew. & De Kesel (2014); Cantharomyces elongatus Haelew. & De Kesel (2012); Diphymyces sabahensis Haelew. & Pfister (2014); Gloeandromyces pageanus Haelew. (2017); Laboulbenia bilobata Haelew. & W. Rossi (2015); Laboulbenia camerunensis T.W. Wang & Haelew. (2016); Laboulbenia coccinellidicola Haelew. (2017); Laboulbenia erotylidarum Haelew. (2014); Laboulbenia littoralis De Kesel & Haelew. (2014); Laboulbenia longipilis Haelew. & W. Rossi (2015); Laboulbenia pfisteri Haelew. & W. Rossi (2015); Laboulbenia poplitea Haelew. (2014); Zodiomyces rhizophorus W. Rossi, Haelew. & Pfister (2016).